Recently I started to build a game and like everything in my life, I'm doing this for fun and learning. The game that I choose to develope is Snake, partly because would be simple to develop, but mostly because is a game I enjoy to play.

Find more about the game here

However, I choose to not develop it using my primary language (JS/TS) because as I said before, I wanted to learn different things. So I decided to go with C, a language that I had very basic knowledge when I started this project.

But not only I decided to go with C, I also decided to use as less dependencies as possible because I want to really to build things in C, not only use things.

And looking for ways to build the game, I found the amazing library called Raylib, Raylib is a library that, on their own words:

"a simple and easy-to-use library to enjoy videogames programming"

And everything they said is true, it's simple to use and I enjoyed using it.

But like anything, it's not perfect, the library provides everything I need to build a game, but only it. You need to render a menu with buttons, hover states and etc...? Good luck, do it by yourself.